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The Indonesian Feminist Movement

Between Past and Present

​Among the most dynamic democracies in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is a historically fascinating country. After the February 2024 election, following two terms in office, President Joko Widodo’s era continuity is uncertain, leaving behind a fragmented political landscape with little chance of finding true popular representation. Faced with the uncertainties of this political future, it seems crucial to question back history. The 1965 coup marked a profound break in the history of Indonesian feminism. After flourishing under Sukarno’s regime, it was assimilated into communism and became the victim of violent repression. Saskia Wieringa, a professor emeritus at the University of Amsterdam and an expert in intercultural relations between people of the same sex, traces its history and defines its specificity in the context of a Muslim society, extending the framework to LGBTQ+ rights and other public freedoms. Recognition of the victims of 1965 seems inextricably linked to women’s rights.