Participatory Democracy
  • Interview with Loïc Blondiaux — Professeur de Science politique — Université Paris 1 (CESSP)
Direct democracy? participatory democracy? local democracy? deliberative democracy? Lots of new expressions have cropped up in recent years, in the speeches of political actors, citizens, and somewhat differently, in the work of researchers. How to differentiate these terms? How to define them? How to assess the impact of the many initiatives that, since the introduction of the participatory budget of Porto Alegre in 1989, have led to a rethink of the sharing – more or less real – of the elaboration and implementation of public decisions? Loïc Blondiaux gives a few straightforward answers here, bringing to light the paradoxes and illusions of the latest forms of democracy.
Inspired by Jurgen Habermas, John Rawls, and Roberto Michels, Loïc Blondiaux proposes an essential synthesis of the issues and aporiae we confront when we claim to be going beyond representative democracy to experiment – with no illusions – with new spaces for sharing public decision.
Interview published on 06-14-2017
Last modified on 10-26-2022
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