About Politika

About Politika


LabEx Tepsis, created in 2012, is a cluster of fourteen research laboratories from l’École des hautes études en sciences sociales, l’Université de Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, l’École nationale d’administration and the Centre de formation des Journalistes.


Its objective is to analyze the diverse forms of the intervention of politics in the city, with three priority research themes: the transformation of the State, the politicization of societies, and the institutionalization of societies. These broad axes are broken down into nine research and teaching areas headed by multidisciplinary teams from several research units (UMRs). In particular, they concern the historic and present forms of the State, everyday relations to politics, the (de)legitimation of elites, the political construction of subjectivities, the structuring of the social order, and the evolution of discriminations and inequalities.

Politika is the flagship project of LabEx Tepsis, an open access, bilingual and scalable platform designed as a showcase for the social sciences of politics as carried out in the Tepsis labs.

Its objectives are: to demonstrate the various methods and approaches employed by Tepsis researchers and member laboratories; to open up research on politics by encouraging dialogue between disciplines and between cultural areas; to provide researchers with a space for exchange and experimentation, and to promote their works internationally.

Politika offers researchers the opportunity to share their work, welcoming original and/or unusual productions, from the most experimental to the most professional. It is a major tool for the production, diffusion and valorization of the social sciences of politics.