The Socialization of Employees of Luxury Hotels 

Employees of luxury hotels are in the constant, everyday company of clients who spend on average for one night what employees earn in a month. What effect does this work context have on its employees?

Salon d'un hôtel de luxe
Salon de la chambre d'un hôtel de luxe

Luxury hotel.

I studied the concierge services of a luxury hotel (thirty persons), comprised of general caretaker/concierges, drivers, porters, pages and grooms. The staff’s hours vary considerably in the course of a month. Days off can be in the middle of the week, which contributes to distancing employees from their family and strengthening work friendships. Interactions with clients, the majority of their work, are usually short, between a few seconds and a few minutes. In these traditional jobs, they represent the possibility of earning tips and for that reason can generate tensions. Their various tasks lead them to be constantly in contact with clients’ budgets or goods (shopping bags of name brands, luxury cars and baggage, cost of a restaurant dinner, etc.).