Passés Futurs - Revue - Number 1
Uncontrolled Past

The concept of historical trauma is front-pages news. It feeds political debates, permeates literary texts or works of art. This concept is being increasingly used by social sciences: journals, symposiums, monographs and even academic departments are indeed dedicated to trauma. The articles presented here explore the conceptual richness of the notion as well as those of the terms that are strictly linked to it (such as mourning, resiliency, latency) and question their pertinence concerning the interpretation of the past.

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Public Sphere in Modern Societies

Since the eighteen century, the public-private distinction has structured our societies. While in the private sphere, the individual builds a relationship to himself and develops as unique being, in the public sphere, the different social actors voice their opinions about what should be the general interest and thus contribute to building the notion of the common good.

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Doing Social Sciences

Guided by a few intuitions and armed with their reflexivity, social scientists build their objects, elaborate investigative devices and interpret the field data. Thus, the scientific approach contributes to a better understading of our world.

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From the Ottoman Empire to Contemporary Turkey

Turkey has been, since President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s authoritarian drift, at the heart of the key issues affecting, both the national and international marketplace. The Entries presented here raise the question of the relationship to power in a long-term perspective. They highlight the role played by different social actors such as the State, the local notables, etc., in the process of modernisation as well as the ways of channelling the state domination yesterday and today.