The Catalan crisis and transformations of Catalanism
  • Interview with Stéphane Michonneau — Professeur d’Histoire contemporaine — Université de Lille (IRHIS)
On October 27, 2017, the Catalan parliament passed a resolution declaring independence and a republic. Six months later, the political situation in Catalonia is confused: newspapers still run titles about the political “impasse”, and the hopes of the independentists seem extinguished. Although Catalanism has taken on an independentist hue since 2010, the movement has historically privileged autonomism and reformism, as Stéphane Michonneau explains. For Michonneau, a historian specializing in Spain and nationalisms, the tensions between Barcelona and Madrid are best seen within the broader context of the questioning of the overall Spanish political system, played out against the backdrop of the violent economic and social crisis that has hit the population since 2008.
Historical analysis of nationalisms in Spain sheds light on tensions between Madrid and Barcelona over the past decade.
Interview published on 07-04-2018
Last modified on 10-24-2022
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Barcelone, mémoire et identité: 1830-1930, Rennes, PUR, 2007.