Peter the Great’s Books
  • Interview with Olga Medvedkova — Directrice de recherche — CNRS (Centre Jean Pépin)
Wladimir Berelowitch — Directeur d'études — EHESS (CERCEC)
Annotated, underlined, commented: Peter the Great’s 286 private books shaped a proper working library. This collection is not only an exceptional textual resource; it also presents an iconographic interest. As an amateur of arts, sciences and architecture, the Tsar acquired a lot of books adorned with engravings from all over Europe. A team, led by Olga Medvedkova, reconstituted this fragmented corpus by elaborating a catalogue raisonné. This project subscribes to a new historiographical trend that tends towards a demystification of Peter the Great, seen sometimes as an enlightened reformer and others as a tyrant. This project is a way to study circulations and cultural transfers between Europe and Russia, far from a simplistic vision of the Russian Europeanization.
A new historiographical project, led by Olga Medvedkova, enrichs political and cultural history of the Russian empire through the study of Peter the Great’s books collection.
Interview published on 01-11-2018
Last modified on 04-11-2018
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  • Bibliography of Olga Medvedkova

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