Summary of the Workshop “Race and Civilization in Japan” 
Une illustration de la classification raciale


► Published articles :



♦ “Race, Civilisation and the Japanese. Textbooks During the Meiji Period” by Yasuko Takazawa _ Read the article here


♦ “Antiracism and Spiritual Universalism. Japan, India and the Development of Internationalism” by Akio Tanabe _ Read the article here


♦ “Racialization and the Global Development of Governance Techniques: Problematizing the Buraku in Modern Japan” by Hiroshi Sekiguchi _ Read the article here


♦ “Transformations to Discourse and Legal Provisions Concerning ‘International Marriage’. Understanding Theories on Race and Racialization in Modern Japan” by Shizue Osa _ Read the article here


♦ “Human Genetic Diversity Affected by Social and Cultural Factors” by Hiroki Oota _ Read the article here